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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I make a reservation for a tour? A: Go directly to this link, you will find the best promotions through our website:

Q: What´s the difference between a single ATV and a double ATV? A: The single ATV is for one person on an ATV and the double is shared (two people on the same ATV)

Q: How is the route of the ATV tour? A: The tour consists of 2 hours of driving on dirt trails, we make a stop at a waterfall where you have the option to swim in the river: If you choose the JORULLO BRIDGE option, you will cross two vehicular suspension bridges (one is 150 long and the longest hanging bridge in the world is 470 long and 150 high), If you choose the regular option, you would not cross before mentioned bridges.

Q: How many people are RZRs for? A: We have two and four-seat RZRs, the price varies between them. When you make your purchase you have to choose the number of vehicles (RZR) and the seats of the same.

Q: What days are they open? A: Monday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 365 days of the year.

Q: Should I bring extra clothes? A: We do recommend bringing an extra change of clothes since MOST of our activities have contact with water, even in the park we have an infinity pool (extra cost) so we also recommend bringing a bathing suit.

Q: What items can I bring on the ATV tour? A: You can carry any item as long as you carry it in a backpack and do not try to take it out during the tour, to avoid accidents.

Q: What items can I bring for the zip line tour? A: The only item that allows is the Gopro camera as long as it is worn on the helmet or the chest with an accessory, Any other object is very likely to end up lost or damaged.

Q: Can I do the tour without taking the mules? A: For people who are allergic or just don’t want to ride the mule, they can take the zip line tour on line number eight, mentioning it to their guide.

Q: Are there a lot of mosquitoes? A: Only in rainy weather there is a little, but to prevent mosquito bites we recommend that you bring repellent with you.

Q: Can I wear glasses? A: Contact lenses or prescription lenses are only allowed on the Zipline and River Expedition tours, ATV, and RZR tours if they can be worn

Q: Is it safe? Has someone fallen? A: Yes, it is very safe, no one has ever fallen from a zip line in the Canopy River.

Q: Do you have bathrooms in the canopy facilities? A: We have spacious bathrooms, dressing rooms, and a baby changing table; In addition to outdoor showers in the pool area.

Q: Will I have time to eat before doing the tour? A: Once you arrive at the park, you only have time to go to the bathroom before starting the activity, we recommend taking food after the tour.

Q: Is there where to keep my things? Does it have an extra cost? A: We have lockers to store all your belongings, under the protection of the staff and they have no extra cost.

Q: If I am afraid, can I leave the activity? Will you give me a refund? A: If you abandon the activity, “no show” applies and no refund is given.

Q: If my son is scared on the zip lines, can he jump with me? A: For safety reasons, you would have to go zip-lining with one of our certified guides.

Q: Can I be dropped off at another meeting point even if I haven’t taken the transportation there? A: Yes, as long as it is at a permitted point and this is a point of return from other clients. Check with the concierge before leaving the facilities.

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